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International Cargo Insurance

Obtain security during the transportation of your goods.

Cargo insurance is a vital tool to consider when shipping goods. It significantly reduces the risk of financial loss due to unforeseen events during the journey, such as extreme weather conditions, strikes, accidents, total or partial theft, total or partial damage, general average, and war. Condiciones climáticas extremas, huelga, Accidentes, Robo total o parcial, Daño total o parcial, Avería gruesa, Guerra.

Important Considerations

There are situations that are beyond our control and are not covered; these exclusions include the following:

Exclusions include, but are not limited to, the following: Transportation of precious metals, gemstones, jewelry, pearls, money, valuables, coins, postage stamps, bank documents, credit instruments, radioactive materials, works of art, nuclear fuel, weapons, ammunition, as well as animals and/or live and/or dead plants. Losses caused by inherent defects in the insured goods. Losses caused by the risks of dampness and oxidation when the covered goods are not adequately protected against these risks when they are transported on deck or in open containers such as Open Top, Flat Rack, or break bulk cargo. In case of a claim, an external adjuster will determine whether the protection used against such risks was adequate or not. Damage due to oxidation, mold, electrical and/or mechanical damage, malfunction, and discoloration, if such damage was not caused by a sudden and unforeseeable event or accident covered by this policy. Transportation on vessels that do not comply with the Institute's Ship Classification Clause. Damage caused by insufficient or deficient packaging materials. Plundering, nondelivery, theft, pilferage, and mysterious disappearance, unless they are a direct consequence of a covered risk. Pre-existing damage when the factory goods were delivered with a defect, damage, breakdown, or incompleteness, whether intentional or unintentional. Damage caused by the contamination of the insured goods by any cause, except for those caused by the risk(s) covered by this policy. Mysterious and/or unexplained disappearance and/or loss. Inventory losses. Illegal appropriation. Infidelity and dishonest acts of the insured or any employee or agent under their control. Shipments that do not begin during the specified policy period.

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